Graduates Lack Soft Skills, Employers Warn

Graduate Development hits the headlines again

In a recently published report, covered extensively in the national press, employers warn that students still lack the ‘soft skills’ needed in most workplaces.

The biannual survey of the graduate job market, published today by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, found that 43% of employers were unable to fill all of their graduate vacancies last year, because students failed to match academic achievement with leadership, teamwork and communication skills. This figure demonstrates an increase of more than 10% on 2005, and is expected to show a similar shortfall this year.

Whilst there is usually no shortage of applicants with the right academic ability they don’t have the communication and other behavioural skills, so are not succeeding in assessment centres.

‘All is not lost' commented Diane Alger, head of A2B Development. ‘The truth is that companies have realised this for years and improving graduates' soft skills is what A2B Graduate Development is all about. Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of behavioural skills as well as traditional qualifications in their selection procedures. These are skills that determine the effectiveness of any employee, and are skills that A2B can help to develop in the workplace, ensuring that companies are getting the maximum return on their investment in graduates in the fastest possible time.

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