A2B launches ‘Fast Track’ graduate development modules

With flexibility and simplicity in mind A2B has created a set of Fast Track development modules that can easily form the basis of any ongoing development programme, or can be used simply as and when you need them.

Each Fast Track module can be used on its own, or as individual building blocks to form part of a larger programme. Three basic modules consist of:

Business Savvy

Aimed at those new to the world of work, this module helps new talent understand the importance of professionalism. It also helps delegates understand organisational culture and how to work alongside it. The Business Savvy module can also easily slot into any in-house induction programme.

Working with Others

This module looks at how to work successfully with colleagues and clients. We show delegates how to understand their own working styles and the working styles of others. In addition, delegates will receive feedback on how they ‘come across’ and will learn new ways to develop and improve.

Creating your Career Blueprint

This module helps delegates understand their natural areas of ability and discusses ways in which they can learn to take responsibility for their own career development through the business. At the end of the module delegates will have a true understanding of their own strengths, key drivers and passions.

Make sure you get the most from your new talent

In addition the three core modules above, we have two add-ons that answer very specific needs.

Leadership Skills

This module is ideal as new talent face their first people management and leadership role. Key themes include:

  • Understanding leadership theory and styles
  • Exploring and developing your own leadership style
  • Negotiation and influencing others

Coaching Skills for Managers

This module makes sure managers in your organisation have the necessary skills to get the most from, and maximise the potential of new talent. Key themes include:

  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Motivating and developing people
  • Understanding different working style
  • Coaching and Mentoring to add value to your graduate programme

A2B can add value to these modules with the addition of:

Mentoring programmes

We can help your organisation create a structured mentoring programme to help your new talent grow and gain more confidence. We can teach the mentors how to help and support those under their wing.

One to One Coaching

Even with a tick in all the right boxes, there can still be something preventing new talent getting onto the next level. One to one coaching can help ‘unstick’ difficult issues and help delegates gain the confidence they need move forward.

Effective, Practical and Jargon Free

Our approach is practical and jargon free. A2B tutors are all chosen for their experience in industry and commerce and will quickly help polish and shine your new raw talent. All our Fast Track modules finish with personal development plans which will apply key learning to specific workplace challenges.

If you would more information on how these powerful Fast Track modules can enhance your new talent, please contact us or follow this link for more information on A2B.

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