Working with Generation Y

A2B Take the Lead

The CMI (Chartered Management Institute) recently issued their report 'Unlocking the talent of younger managers' and only this week Management Today featured an article on this very subject.

It's interesting that managing generation Y, people born from the early 1970's onwards, is becoming such a hot topic in the world of management development. I have to say we told you so! The whole issue of managing generation Y was launched by A2B Development, the emerging talent division of Acorn Coaching, in groundbreaking article printed in the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) magazine 'Graduate Recruiter' back in April 2006.

And the CMI's data backs up a lot of what A2B has been saying, particularly that Generation Y are talented individuals that are different from their media stereotype but nonetheless challenge traditional notions of how the workplace should function. Getting the best out of generation Y boils down to five key points:

1. Provide Challenging work that really matters
2. Offer increasing responsibility as a reward for accomplishments
3. Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities
4. Establish mentoring/coaching relationships
5. Consistently provide constructive feedback

The article entitled 'How To Get Graduates Fit for Work: Understanding Generation Y' was written by A2B and gives hints and tips on how organisations can get the best return on their investment in graduates.

Click here to download a copy of the article.

A free download of the executive summary of the CMI's report 'Generation Y:Unlocking the talent of young managers is available at